Do you want to jump higher? then you should do this

So after months of looking for a good workout to jump higher, i finally found one that meets everything i was looking for. This program is very straight forward and organized, the workouts are legit and the improvement you get out of it is real. Most of it, is Leg workouts, but you need to understand how important is your lower body strength when it comes to jumping. Actually, you’ll find that it will not only make you jump higher, but also you’ll become faster and stronger. So get ready to become a better basketball player.

The name of this workout to jump higher is FolkerSystem VertShock and right now is the hottest jumping workout on the internet. In 8 weeks you’ll start noticing anywhere from 7 to 15 more inches of your vertical jump. It is important to keep a good diet and do every workout you see on this program if you want to see results. in the beginning you would start to feel a little bit fatigue but thats ok, because that’s your body getting used to the workouts. Within 2 or 3 weeks it would feel natural to you, and jumping will start to feel easier as well.

The most cliche phrase i’ve heard growing up is “white men can’t jump” well let me tell you that after doing this jumping program, ANY men can jump.

So if your goals is to add 9 – 15 inches to your vertical jump so you can finally do the dunks you see on the NBA games, then you Go check out this program, you will thank me for bringing it to your life!

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Finding the perfect jumping workout program

I’ve come across a lot of good “how to jump higher” programs on the internet. Must of them have similar techniques and exercises, but i wanted to find one more organized, with steps by steps for somebody who wants to start from scratch, and most importantly, with credibility and some kind of proof on how much i will be able to jump after doing this program.

So while im surfing the internet on articles and videos on how to jump higher and increase vertical, i found a great program that caught my attention, the tittle said “finally dunk like a total badass” so at first i laughed, but then I saw the intro video of it, and i was total amazed, man… the dunks this guys were doing. I mean, im thinking this guys must be able to jump about 10 inches higher than a regular dunker.

For about 3 years ago i found a Michael Jordan video on YouTube, saying that if you really want to dunk and elevate high when you jump, you just set your mind and just do it. But lets be real here, everything in life requires practice and preparation. We all know that just wanting to jump higher wont be enough.

Anyways, this jump program seems very promising, so im going to check it out and review it, and see if its as great as its intro. On my next post ill make sure to confirm if i found the one or not.


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5’7 dunking on a 10′ rim? now that’s a vertical jump

While i keep researching for workouts to jump higher, i came across this crazy videos on youtube, basically short dudes dunking. If you can watch this videos and not think you can do workouts to jump higher then i don’t know what motivates you. In all this videos this guys are 5’7 dunking on a 10′ rim, that’s a huge vertical jump that you have to take to reach that high. Have a look!

5’5” kid Dunking


5’7” White kid Dunking


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Is there really a secret to increase your vertical leap? the investigation begins…

Is there really a secret to jump higher?

Hi everybody, I made this website to investigate and put out the secrets to increase your vertical leap and jump higher. I’ve seen so people my height and even shorter than me dunk, and by the way im 5’7 so those chances are very little, but it is real and we’ve all seen even in the NBA, youtube, streetball mixtapes, basketball games, etc.

So what is it?  is it your genes that make people jump higher? is it workout routines? is it magic?
I’m going to start digging into this and investigating with all this workouts to jump higher routines, and i’ll be reporting back my findings in this website.

So far I’ve found this insane jump workout for basketball players who want to dunk! check it out HERE